Polly Crafts

A few simple toy making crafts for kids

pollycrafts-05We all know that toys are quite important for kids because they can teach them a lot and you yourself can use toys to teach your kids a lot. However, one of the most interesting things that you can do with your kids is making new toys or using old ones to make new ones. Fortunately, there are a lot of ideas that you might like.

For girls, you can always make paper dolls. Draw a doll on a piece of paper, cut the paper and glue the paper doll on something thick such as cardboard for instance. After that, make use of colored paper, glitter, ribbon, lace and anything else that you can use to make clothes for the paper doll. Girls will simply love the idea of becoming a fashion designer for a day and coming up with different outfits. Similarly, instead of making paper clothes, you can start making real clothes for the dolls she already has. Let her draw the pieces of clothing on a piece of paper, after that draw the design on the fabric and let your kid cut it. If your kid is older, you can let it sew, but if she is still too young, you should do the sewing part yourself.

When it comes to boys, although they do not have dolls, they probably have something very similar –soldiers. And if your boys are quite adventurous, you can convince them to make a paratrooper. Believe it or not, most boys will like this idea. All you will need are 4 pieces of string, all of which are about 12 inches in length. Get a napkin and tie the strings to the corners of the napkin by making sure that you don’t tear it. The other ends of the string should be tied to the soldier’s hands. Let the parachute fall, but make sure that before you let it fall, you keep the napkin expanded. Boys will have lots of fun testing the parachute.

pollycrafts-04For kids (both boys and girls) who like spending time in the swimming pool or who like playing with toys in the tub, there is a very easy way to make a toy boat that will actually be able to float. Get two plastic bottles, remove all the labels, get rid of any residue glue from the labels and close the bottles by putting the caps on. Wrap the bottles together at both ends with tape and cut the top of the plastic bottles while making sure that you don’t end up with sharp and potentially dangerous edges. Once you are done with the cutting part, you have your boat ready to be embellished the way your kids like it. You can paint the boat, write on it with permanent markers and all sorts of other things. Your kid will have fun making a boat and later on, he or she will be able to play with it as well.

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